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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Unemployment Claim Information for Employers

If your business is reducing hours or closing due to COVID-19 you may expedite the unemployment claim process for your employees by providing one of the following lists.

Mass Layoff List

This is the preferred method if your business has already closed and you are not in contact with employees. Employers provide the state with a list of employee names and other required information to expedite the approval process of an unemployment claim. Download and complete all columns in the form below.

Employers can send mass layoffs to

Employer-Filed Mass Claim

This is the preferred method if your business has not yet closed and you believe you will reopen. If you are uncertain of a reopen date, enter 16 weeks from the date of filing. Employers provide a list of employee names and required information to file a claim on behalf of employees. Instruct employees not to file an individual claim and that they will need to certify each Sunday to be paid in a timely manner.

Employers can send partial layoffs to

Important Information:

  • If you do not file one of these two lists, you will be required to respond to each individual employee’s claim, delaying the benefit payment process.

  • You should encourage your employees to have an active email address to ensure this process works efficiently.

  • Please tell your employees to look for an email so they can register at, where they will complete weekly certifications to notify the state they are still not working.


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