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Guidelines for Reopening Retail Businesses and Restaurants Amid COVID-19

Governor Bill Lee's administration has released some guidelines for businesses reopening for retail and restaurants. Below are the highlights:

  • Wear dedicated PPP equipment for your protection while on the job

  • Stagger shifts to minimize contact with other employees and customers

  • Sanitize hands with soap and water (best) or hand sanitizer after all contact

  • Have customers wear masks

  • Consider using dedicated service times for elderly/vulnerable customers

  • Use protective barriers when applicable

  • Consider using dedicated one-way entry/exits

  • Sanitize all facilities according to government guidelines

  • Space/stagger all seating areas for 6ft distance

  • Use throw-away and sealed items when possible

  • Limit occupancy to 50%

To see full guidelines and protocols from Governor Lee's administration, see this link: Tennessee Pledge: Reopening Tennessee Responsibly.


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